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Pu-Erh Tea — Steeping Time

The clock still moves, though we fidget less as we relax into our seat. Hours can pass like minutes, or minutes like hours, depending on the company we keep with the tea. Our teaware matters, and matters not. Our surroundings matter , and yet matter not. Great tea sessions can happen anywhere — or nowhere, if the mind is furtive and restless. Good tea can guide us in this process of settling down — of setting down of all but that which is most essential. It can, that is, if we let it. What then is good tea? It can be seen in the bright, moon-like faces of host and guest. It can tap you on the shoulder from across a crowded room. Good tea sits in stillness; it moves with aplomb. Good tea cares not for status, name or fame. It looks only ever back at us from that mirror of the infinite self.




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