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Cloudwalker Story

Cloudwalker Scroll

'The Cloudwalker'
by Wu Ji Ru

Cloudwalker derives its name from Taoist adepts living atop sacred mountains in ancient China. These monks spent their lives perched on craggy peaks, practising martial arts and meditation with the ultimate goal of achieving enlightenment - the union of heaven and earth. To the people living in the valleys below, they appeared to be walking upon the clouds.

Tea drinking in Asia has its roots firmly planted in both the sacred and the mundane worlds. It is a drink that can at once warm the body and soothe the soul; improve health and bring one to meditative states which far surpass the limits of the body.

As we sit and take tea for meditation, allowing our minds to drift away with the clouds of steam that rise above our tea pot, we come to understand more of what it might have been like to live upon one of those legendary mountains. As we continue to connect with the flow of water and the fluttering aroma of our tea, we are able to carve out ever larger chunks of the sacred within what often seems a profane world.

We at Cloudwalker invite you to join us in cultivating the consciousness by savoring the best tea for meditation. As we practice this ritual of water and leaf, we come to find that the benefits of drinking tea extend far beyond the walls of our tea room or the edges of our kitchen table. We realize that tea has come to permeate every aspect of our lives. In such moments we realize, with a broad smile, the truth of the ancient adage that tea and Zen are of one flavor.

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