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In-Person Tea Experiences

Gently Pouring Tea

Pu-Erh Tea -- Level 1

An introduction to the basics of Pu-Erh tea featuring both Ripe and Raw Pu-Erh. Teas are presented gongfu style, with teas being brewed in multiple steeps to provide an experience arc for this, the most highly valued tea on earth.

Pu-Er Tea --Level 2

Level 2 moves from new tea into vintage tea. As with fine wine, quality Pu-Erh tea improves with age. This variety of tea is called post-fermented black tea. It transitions from something like a green tea to a dark coloured woodsy, herbal medicinal brew over decades of careful storage.

Close Examination of Tea
Gentleman Enjoying Tea

Matcha and Beyond 

Co-producer of the Tea Clinic series of events, JagaSilk, hosts a range of tasting and technique based classes. These classes include such highlights as Matcha brewing, and loose leaf tea brewing. Events are hosted by shop owner Jared Nyberg.

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