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House of Zhou

Yunnan Mountains

The House of Zhou originates from an ancient 1000-year-old tea plantation located in Southern China’s wild rain forests of Xi Shuang Ban Na. The family first began operating its factory in the 1930’s, a tradition which was reinvigorated in the 1980’s. The new generations both honouring past traditions and building upon them for the future. Over 38 minority groups live in the high tea mountains — keepers of the traditional ways of living and cultivating tea. In harvest season the workers climb the steep slopes, hand picking the tea leaves with artful precision.

The harvest environment is completely natural — semi wild. The plentiful rain and sun, paired with ideal geographic conditions, produce the most wonderful tea leaves.  The Zhou family’s passion for tea, combined with and their dedication to preserving traditional methods of cultivation, yields over 80 different kinds of Chinese tea.

Some of the teas produced include the widely popular black teas, white teas and puerh. The Zhou teas are naturally fragrant and loaded with health related benefits. Red tea is beneficial for anti-aging, digestion, and beauty. Detoxifying the body, reducing high-blood pressure and weight loss are just some reasons people appreciate sipping a cup of tea. Beyond this, energy and a general sense of well being are also closely associated with a cup of pure, finely crafted tea. 

The House of Zhou is a brand of choice for all seekers of fine things.  Knowing that health is of the utmost importance in life, the Zhou family has chosen to share their high quality teas with the world. Zhou tea has been favoured by clientele ranging from artists to bankers, business leaders and even royalty.

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