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Good tea purifies the Body, Heart & Soul

Good tea purifies the body heart and soul, it connects us with the greater forces in the universe - bridging the divide between heaven and earth.

It is not merely a healthy and delicious beverage, but is in fact a gift from God.

We drink tea, not to simply quench our thirst, to lubricate conversation, or to satisfy our senses - nor to we pursue it simply to show how sophisticated we are.

Tea and the Tao - a book to learn about ancient wisdom brought by tea and pu-ehr tea

"Tea and the Tao" translated by Erick Smithe & James Von Holt

We drink tea, because tea helps us to very quickly relax - to sink into stillness - to become purified - raised up - and retake the path back to the spiritual home country.

Tea is in itself a kind of energy.

The “Tao of Tea” that we speak of, makes use of the energy present in tea to assist us in reconnecting with the power station of the Universe and thus awaken our slumbering soul.

We unite ourselves with this almighty essence - a force which thoughts cannot contain - a power that is exceeds all limits of the mind.

These words, on the surface may appear very strange, but after reading ‘Tea and the Tao’ they will seem much more reasonable.

This text is an extract of my co-written and co-translated with James Von Holt book called "Tea and the Tao".

Send me a message if you want to read more of it.

Erick Smithe

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