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Yunnan of Old

Yunnan of Old


As the name in Mandarin suggests, this tea speaks from the heart of the primeval tea forests of

Yunnan. True old growth tea that signs on the tongue and quickly blankets one in a deep and

detached — sunken — tea energy.


This tea is of a quality rarely found in modern tea production. It is a testament to an almost

otherworldly commitment to maintaining the highest standards of production possible for this

priceless natural resource.


Weight: 100g


“A broad smile stretches across my face as the king luo flushed with a soft and subtle vibratory

force — recharging and rejuvenating me.” Alex A. — Tai Chi expert


    Due to health concerns, we are not able to offer a return or refund on our tea products.


    Shipping is a flat rate of $15 US.  Free shipping on orders over $250 US. Once your order is placed, we make every effort. to have your tea in the mail within two business days.


    Authentic Yunnan Broad-Leaf Pu-Erh tea — Camelia Sinensis. All tea plants generate from this original, primal source, though none retains the complete spectrum of potency and possibility as does Pu-Erh tea. 

    Original, outstanding, and irreplaceable. Pu-Erh tea is a natural living treasure of the planet.

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