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The Great Mystery

The Great Mystery


Drinking this tea brings to mind passage through ancient forest groves in search of the lost rites of humanity. A magisterial Raw Pu-Erh. Vivid, nuanced, forceful. Cleansing like an internal shower, illluminating like the dawn. True, pure, single origin old growth Pu-Erh.


Weight: 100g


    Due to health concerns, we are not able to offer a return or refund on our tea products.


    Shipping is a flat rate of $15 US.  Free shipping on orders over $250 US. Once your order is placed, we make every effort. to have your tea in the mail within two business days.


    Authentic Yunnan Broad-Leaf Pu-Erh tea — Camelia Sinensis. All tea plants generate from this original, primal source, though none retains the complete spectrum of potency and possibility as does Pu-Erh tea. 

    Original, outstanding, and irreplaceable. Pu-Erh tea is a natural living treasure of the planet.

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