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1980's Iron Pressed Camphor Fragrance

1980's Iron Pressed Camphor Fragrance (Raw)


This tea is classic in every respect. Stored in Taiwan and Vancouver it is considered fully mature, though will continue to evolve as it is allowed to age. The tea showcases a number of classic tastes of early 1980's Pu-ERh production. The delicate camphor, sandal and agalock wood fragances are all highly sought after, as is the agd chaga mushroom and reishi taste. This is a rare tea which reprsents one of the finest vintages of its era (though known to but a select group of collectors due to its rarity). It is as much a classic now as it will be in 50 year or more.


    Shipping is a flat rate of $15 US.  Free shipping on orders over $250 US. Once your order is placed, we make every effort. to have your tea in the mail within two business days.


    Due to health concerns, we are not able to offer a return or refund on our tea products.

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