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Treasure - 1980 Pu-Erh

Treasure — 1980 Pu-Erh

1 Gram

Teas such as this 1980 Pu-Erh recall a bygone era, ghosts of the golden age of tea in this century — harbingers of the past. This tea is a Gong Jian or Tribute Needle, grown in an era when there was no imperial court to send it to. It instead went to Hong Kong, then on to Taiwan for several decades and now Canada. The final leg of its journey can be to your door, that you may offer tribute to yourself — or to your dear ones. 


This tea embodies many of the characteristics which make collectors fall in love with Pu-Erh in the first place. It contains ginseng taste, spice, exotic woods (aloe wood, sandal and rosewood), umami, Reishi mushroom fragrance. These are but a few of the stand-out tastes which draw one into the hypnotic splendor that is this vintage Pu-Erh. 


*Cloudwalker is pleased to have acquired the last remaining batch of this dark jewel from a revered private collection. We offer it exclusively, as single experience teas to our valued clients. This tea becomes increasingly rare with each experience — savor it while it lasts.


    Due to health concerns, we are not able to offer a return or refund on our tea products.


    Shipping is a flat rate of $15 US..  Free shipping on orders over $250 US. Once your order is placed, we make every effort. to have your tea in the mail within two business days.


    Old Tea -- Pu-Erh tea continues to change and evolve over time, each tea with its own unique personality and character. Good quality teas, well preserved, and cared for, are one of the great luxuries of the world. Unique single experiences. Moments frozen in time... For this reason vintage Pu-Er teas are referred to as drinkable antiques.

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