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Tea as a Dance

Updated: Jul 18, 2021

Tea and meditation are each tools we employ to get to where we want to be. While both processes can be seen as destination enough, it’s also a delight to notice the effects the simple act of (self) reflection has on our other works. The Devil may be into details, but so is the other guy/gal/etc. Tea meditation calls to life this ability to notice, and in turn our ability to choose what to notice and what to let go of.

Tea is a form of liquid meditation — of Taichi. It informs and enhances our push hands-esq relationship with the world. As with the Taichi form of play-fighting, movement through life is as much a battle as it is a dance. To make life into a dance — or a game as my calligraphy master friend would often suggest — is among the best of ways. And, when in doubt, have another cup and watch how the world changes both within and without.

We are, at times, both commanders and vessels of life’s experience, and as such it pays to choose wisely what you fill it with.

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