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Spellbound — in search of Cha-Dao

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

Here is the next installment in a Dialogue between Ucluelet B.C Tea shaman Kevin Hartwell and Erick Smithe of Cloudwalker. It is offered in stacato form, as something postcards back from the journey into Tao with tea.

K. Hartwell:

Another amazing Tea Ceremony of 8 guests last night. '15 Raw, Inspiration & Guest of Cloud. It was a dance between deep stillness & silence, deep sharing, laughing and perma-grins setting in by the time we reached Guest of Cloud. "Joy" was one person's description of how they felt. This made me curious as to the grades of Tea outlined in Cha Dao - I see Joy is level 3. I suspect the Tea may be a higher level though. Evenings like this really allow the Tea, the guests and myself to shine. I remain incredibly grateful & honored to be a part of this way of serving Tea and furthering the energy of nature in the world. Thanks again for sharing this Tea and that love that shines through you too, I felt it here. Cheers Erick.


Your most recent email about the tea session was well done. You're capturing the essence of the process well. The tea tells me you're doing great work. I would remember that it is being sensed through the whole cosmic chain of causation that is tea -- from what we drink/store back to the trees of Yunnan.

It knows somehow, etherically or by some subtle energetic means I don't have a word for. This is where the statement "...good tea is also looking for you" becomes even more meaningful. The more of this we do, the deeper our alliance with the plant grows.

Perhaps this is the nature of all things, but as far as positive and illuminating plants go tea is the most loving -- for me anyway.

K. Hartwell:

Throughout the day yesterday I sipped a thermos full each of Guest of Cloud, Reishi & Inspiration and delved into some melding of energies in the forest yesterday afternoon. Headed into town and played a live show at the Ukee Night Market, dissolving into dreaming awake it seemed. Quite the spectacle. Sat this morning with Tea & quickly realized these old Teas remain with us far past the session. Only a bit of tea & presence led to what felt like another Guest of Cloud session. grateful.

Also seems checking in with the guests the next day is quite a good idea. Always interested in hearing how there night went and how they feel in the morning - insights, energies, dreams, gratitude, etc.

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