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Updated: Nov 30, 2023


Glad to hear about these insights of yours and training. I've also been playing a bit with how my posture lines up at the Tea table, seems that keeping to toned openness in the body as in qigong would be a natural crossover with Tea and something I haven't applied much in the past. Seems worth practicing.


Really great stuff.

As for posture, it’s all the same sort of thing. As we talked about before, the qigung will influence all movements. Everything we do then becomes a moving meditation, as per the zen/Taoist principles. I do slip out of it at times. Wonderful that the tea helps me to remember posture (even if it’s a collapsed posture). Making us more aware of the currents of energy in the body, it also guides the hand in how to pour for channeling the best of our energy into the tea.


To be honest, Ive been getting rocked lately. Funny how letting go is usually not my first response. Sitting with the unsettled and learning a lot about myself thru the process. Detachment. Letting go again and again it seems. Dying every moment. Getting to know death and learning to be self fulfilled. Time on my own & I know it's where the deepest learning comes. Life seems so bitter sweet for me. Spending time with friends tonight playing music was refreshing and still the feeling of impermanence never seems to leave my awareness. Feeling it all I guess and, all things considered doing just fine :)


There’s not a lot more. It was mostly being led to notice certain things and be more aware. Following breadcrumbs of coincidence, to get some inside joke with the universe. It’s been a while since I’d felt that sense of play and direct interaction with the world around me. A dialogue with both animate and inanimate things.

Of course having my mind well oiled with tea helps.


"I had the best sleep! Like on a cloud" - reply from my tea guest when I asked how they slept the night of the Tea session they attended with me.

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