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Borrowed Time

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

Never underestimate the ability of the human body to transform and adapt, evolve. This instruction has come to me in different forms, though several teachers over the years. It could be seen as a common theme of my education in Asia. At first I wasn’t quite sure what to make of it. Trusting the process and believing my teachers, based largely on admiration for what they could do, led to results which — for me — could not be denied. Like many people, I enjoy flying in the face of the possible, the realistic —. the boring.

The level of plasticity of the. Mind, of genetics, matter in general, can lead us to conclude that what is termed reality is simply a contrasting layer of the dream state. Rarely taught, in the West anyway, is the power which the individual has to effect their environment, the fabric of this collective dream. The difference, or shift, comes when you subscribe to your own vision instead of someone else’s — arguments of the nature of individuality aside. For me, programming my own vision, and birthing it into reality begins in the still point of the tea ritual. It is right and true alchemy, as much as there ever was alchemy for the adepts of the ancient past. It is also one of the ancient paths which has remained largely undisturbed in recent centuries.

Perhaps the best part of the process is that there isn’t really much of anything to learn — though many will tell you there is. It is simply pouring water onto leaves and washing off the dust of the mirror of the mind/heart. Having done so, all things are then possible. This was the fundamental principle of Cha Dao, instilled at an early phase in my study of tea. It is what I view as the most essential and most important point in the classical, hidden teachings, of our shared — collective — art form.

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