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Ecological Preserve Raw Pu-Erh

Ecological Preserve Raw Pu-Erh


Deep and captivating fragrance, matched with a feeling that reaches through time. This raw Pu-Erh tea creates it's own field of experience, delivering an unspoken natural wisdom and grace that pervades the growing region within Yunnan. The superior processing skill of the artisans is on full display in this masterfully executed tea cake. It originates from a protected region, where ecological cultivating and harvest practices are strickly observed. As with all of our teas, this is as autentic as authentic gets.


    Shipping is a flat rate of $15 US.  Free shipping on orders over $250 US. Once your order is placed, we make every effort. to have your tea in the mail within two business days.


    Due to health concerns, we are not able to offer a return or refund on our tea products.

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