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Leading the Way in Sustainability 



Often the decision to adopt sustainability practices is the result of public pressure to change rather than corporate altruism. Far more meaningful, in the culture of the marketplace, is sustainability leadership which is self-manifest. It is such moves which inspire others and generate meaningful change. 


The House of Zhou, and Daughter Tea by Tony Chen, have been instrumental in inspiring industry wide action to protect and care for the world heritage resource that is Pu-Erh tea. Their leadership in promoting organic standards (and better), as well as unwavering commitment to sustainable harvest practices are reflected both in the health of the primordial tea forests of Yunnan, as well as in the radiant faces of tea drinkers the world over. The vibrancy of their commitment to this precious resource is symbiotic with both plant and soil, offering a higher path to man’s cooperative alliance with Nature.


Though their influence extends dear beyond their respective brands, the commitment to quality, tradition, and purity is no deeper felt than when holding a warm cup of their near-electric tea tonic.

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