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Making fine vintage Puerh tea in a meditative setting.





From the apex of the Golden Triangle comes Tea unlike any other. The original, primal, progenitor of the Camelia Sinensis plant -- Pu-Erh Tea. The pulse of the jungle courses through each verdant leaf, delivering us to states of awareness unknown to common hours.


Entirely hand processed, it is one of the most bold, dynamic, yet refined drinks anywhere. Nothing is added, nothing is lost. 

Words, in a way, are born out of sound, of feeling, of rhythm. At its most original, most classical, the language of tea is the language of music, poetry, and vibration. Tea is an elixir unlike any other, and the language used to describe it must be equally independent. Neither cobbled from wine tasting or shoehorned from coffee, Tea exists in a realm unto itself — as does the true knower of It.

We speak of a Tea’s frequency, it’s cadence, it’s rhyme, to approximate its power. In the end — however — all words are but sketches — like memories of clouds.

Traditional Chinese kung fu tea brewing.
A cup of luxurious aged Chinese tea.



Cloudwalker offers some of the finest hand-made tea bricks and cakes, as well as represents some of the most formidable tea producers on the planet. From newly produced, to rare vintage --

quality rises above.

The Experience


PO, @teadrunkpo

2006 Ripe/Dark Brick


A stunning tea with a sophisticated complexity and depth. ~ This is a connoisseur's tea, those of you with great depth of experience with aged shou will appreciate this. The cha Qi is also quite bold but in a very embodied way. 


PO, @teadrunkpo

Raw Pu-Erh Tea Brick

A profound experience.I have never had a young sheng puerh bring me into such a clear state of depth and presence. The source material plus the artful processing have come together to create an element ally balanced tea — which is so rare to find in young teas of this type. Firmly grounded in earth and open to heaven — this simple tea is soul medicine.


PO, @teadrunkpo

1982 Yunnan Red


Another impeccable experience from Cloudwalker Tea. ~ One of the best Pu-Erhs I have had. Sublime energies unfolding, flavors focused, deep and penetrating. An ineffable experience. I can’t find the words for this tea which shows just how beyond it is. 

Cloudwalker Tea is dedicated to helping you find the highest quality Pu-Erh tea. We strive to create lasting relationships with our customers. Let us know what we can do for your home or office by sending us an email. We are here to make your next tea experience the best we possibly can.

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