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Eight years in Taïwan discovering the Art of Tea

Taiwan was a land of the unknown to me in 2004. It was one of unknown

possibilities, both befitting study of cultural endeavours and of oneself. I stood at the

crossroads and, to borrow a line from Robert Frost, I took the road that has made all the

difference to me.

Tea culture and tea traditions in Taïwan - Chinese Tea and Pu-Ehr Tea - Cloudwalker Tea
Taïwan - 2024 - On the path to learn about Tea Traditions

I chose Taïwan in part because it seemed like the best path to follow for me to grow on a personal and professional level and, second - as a fallen classical scholar - because it was the island stronghold of true classical Chinese culture.

On my departure I had only glimpses of this concept. Once leaving I could not have imagined

just how much treasure that place holds, or how much I would miss it.

That time is over in a way. That land, in many ways, no longer exists. But it did exist and always

will in the hearts of those who I knew then.

Tea, real tea, is my link to that era. It was my Paris of the twenties. Most of the characters will

pass on in functional anonymity. I assure you they were all there, and all of them were great.

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